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Beginner Retoucher Bundle

Take Your Images From Good to Stunning with This Beginner Retoucher Bundle! 🚀 

Who is this bundle for? Any visual content creator who will benefit from adding retouching in Adobe Photoshop to their skillset, and/or elevating their portfolio, business website and online presence, including:

  • photographers,
  • beginner retouchers,
  • makeup artists,
  • graphic designers,
  • videographers,
  • marketing and content creation teams in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

Transform your portfolio with professional-level retouching. 

This exclusive bundle combines 2 powerful courses created by beauty & fashion industry professionals Julia Kuzmenko McKim and Michael Woloszynowicz to empower beginner retouchers with the most essential retouching tools, and equip with their refined beauty retouching techniques, and methods:  over 4-hour long Retouching JumpStart and over 7-hour long Skin Retouching video courses.

  • Start strong with beginner-friendly lessons: Dive into retouching with confidence and build an unshakable foundation for your retouching skills in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Solid skill base: Master the essential tools and techniques of retouching in Beauty, Portrait and Fashion photography.
  • Non-destructive and lean PSD workflow: Learn to retouch like a pro without destructive, irreversible changes, preserving the original image quality and avoiding creating unnecessarily bloated working PSD files. 
  • Tackle common issues with ease: Learn to expertly address blemishes, uneven tones, wrinkles, and other concerns related to retouching images of people.
  • Time-saving workflows: Work smarter, not harder, with efficient methods and multiple solution options.
  • Professional results: Achieve natural, stunning hair and skin that will be accepted and approved by not only your individual but also commercial clients if you are beginning your freelance retoucher career.
  • Build retouching confidence: Gain the skills and knowledge to produce professional, natural-looking results if growing your freelance retouching business is your goal.
  • Land dream clients: Showcase your portfolio with stunning retouched images that impress the viewers and confidently go after higher-paying clients.

This beginner-level bundle is your fast track to retouching mastery. Stop settling for mediocre images and recession-proof your skillset with solid retouching skills. 

Enroll today and elevate your retouching skills with expert guidance!

Bonus: Each course comes with valuable bonus materials and practice beauty images to accelerate your learning journey.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your retouching skills and your freelance career!

📌View the full Retouching Jumpstart course description & outline here.

📌 View the full Skin Retouching course description & outline here.



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